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Our Proven Teaching Methods

Students have different starting points in learning Mathematics. Not all will have the same interests and natural abilities to learn mathematics. Some will find it enjoyable; others will find it challenging. Some will find the theorems and results intriguing; others will find the formulae and rules bewildering. It is therefore important for lessons to start at the right level for the student and for teachers to scaffold from there.

Our tuition classes are structured  to go at the optimal pace for each student.  We believe that students may not all work at the same pace. For students who are faster, our teachers will always have that extra and more advance activities for them. Students who take a longer time to grasp the concepts are given the extra time and may be given extra lessons at no extra costs. This is to ensure that all students will be just as ready for the examinations.

Our Tuition Programmes

Our Tuition Classes follows the latest Syllabus for schools as implemented by the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE)

Primary School Classes

In primary school years, a strong focus on good learning habits help to prepare children to handle the structured syllabus of the primary school journey.

Our programmes are individually tailored so children can learn at their optimal pace.

This allow children to gain familiarisation with subject-specific components and building confidence in responding to written and verbal tasks.

This will go a long way in driving the child’s passion for learning.

Our Primary School Classes:



Secondary School Classes

In secondary school years, students learning habits are essential to their performance at each examination.

Understanding key criteria for each component of the exam helps the student to understand what knowledge to apply and how to apply it.

Content Mastery, Analytical Thinking and Answering Techniques in exams are essential.

Our custom programmes are catered to fill in the knowledge gaps for each student and allow them to develop academically at an optimal pace.

Our Secondary School Classes

  • Mathematics (Lower Sec)
  • Science (Lower Sec)
  • Mathematics (Upper Sec)
  • Additional Mathematics (Upper Sec)
  • Science (Physics & Chemistry) (Upper Sec)
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

Our fees and charges

Primary School Classes: $240/month per subject

Secondary School Classes: $300/month per subject

A one-time $30 registration fee per student

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