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Segar Tuition Bukit Panjang

Is your School Class going too fast? Or did you miss some important school lessons and find it hard to catch up now?


At Thinkel Learning Lab, every lesson is customised individually so you can start at the level you are at and fill in the gaps to get back on track.  Founded by a former School Teacher with more than 15 years experience, we are well-versed in the latest Singapore MOE syllabus.  We also closely monitor the latest trends in school tests and examinations to give our students a better edge.


Our curriculum are designed to hone our students in good answering techniques and examination strategies which consequently give our students the best possible advantage to achieve better results.


Situated along Bukit Batok Central in Singapore, our tuition class in Bukit Batok Town is home to many Ministry of Education (MOE) schools including Princess Elizabeth Primary School, Keming Primary School, Bukit Batok and Bukit View Secondary School. 


Conveniently located near these MOE schools in Singapore, our tuition centre caters to many of their students.


Our Tuition Classes in Bukit Batok

Primary School Classes

In Primary School, the child is honing critical skills that help him or her manage school exams and class work.

Our lesson materials engage the child in learning that matters: How to tackle subject-specific and task-specific challenges, minimising errors and the focus on excelling at his or her strengths.

These activities build the confidence and foster good learning habits of the child which are essential in his or her performance for in-class assessments and major examinations.

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Secondary School Classes

In Secondary School, understanding the criteria for each component of the exam helps the student to understand what knowledge to apply and how to apply it. They are essential to the student's performance at each examination and common tests.

In addition to imparting essential topical knowledge of the subject, the lessons at our tuition centre also focus on essential examination answering techniques.

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Teacher-Centered Methods

Direct Instruction

Our teachers utilise their in-depth  knowledge of the subject to deliver a systematic, well scripted lesson plan.  As lessons will usually involve best practices to score in tests and exams as well as ways to minimise carelessness, students are expected to complete activities as instructed. 

To better understand this approach, you may read more about our 

Flipped Lesson

Our students have access to various resources including recorded lessons and online learning activities.  This allows students to fill in the gaps in their knowledge and better work at their own pace than traditional school classrooms. 

Teachers encourage students to learn on their own using these resources before coming to our tuition class to attempt questions.  

Student-Centered Methods

Differentiated Instruction

This method is often used to meet the needs of different learner types. Teachers can differentiate in a number of ways: how students access content, the types of activities that are more effective for students to master a concept, what the end result of learning is like, and how the lesson is structured.

Some examples of differentiation include: having students attempt exercises structured to their level of understanding, offering different list of questions to different students, or reteaching topics to students when necessary.  

Inquiry-based Learning

Inquiry-based learning is a teaching method that casts a teacher as a supportive figure who provides guidance and support for students throughout their learning process, rather than a sole authority figure.

Teachers encourage students to ask questions based on student investigation and hands-on projects. Students then research their questions, find information and sources that explain key concepts and solve problems they may encounter along the way.  

Top Results of 2019

Segar Tuition Excellent Results 2019 Mathematics 94%

Edwin Tay

Anglo Chinese Primary School

Mathematics Prelim Exams 94%

PSLE Mathematics A*


We've witnessed how Edwin improved in his structured problem sum answers under the guidance of Teacher Kelvin.  The long structured questions in Paper 2 has always been a bane for Edwin and this Math Program has some really good strategies to overcome them. 

- Paul Tay (Parent)

While we celebrate the top scorers, we do recognise that there are students who have tried really hard and have surpassed all expectations.

We believe that all students who strive hard to achieve their fullest potential deserve a celebration.


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