Primary Science

Our Primary Science Tuition Classes follow the MOE Singapore syllabus with an emphasis on Inquiry Based Learning. Students are often encouraged to explore through practical activities with the Teacher as a guide.  Students understands and remembers so much better when they get to see Science in action. The complete programme will cover the following topics in accordance to the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE):



  • Diversity of Living and Non-Living Things (General characteristics and classification)
  • Diversity of Materials


  • Interaction of Forces (Magnets, Frictional Force, Gravitational Force, Forces in Springs)
  • Interaction within the environment




  • Cycles in Plants and Animals (Life Cycles, Reproduction)
  • Cycles in Matter and Water (Matter)


  • Energy forms and uses (Light and Heat, Photosynthesis)
  • Energy Conversion


  • Plant system (Plant parts and Functions, Respiratory and Circulatory Systems)
  • Human system (Digestive system, Respiratory and Circulatory Systems)
  • Cell System
  • Electrical System

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